Fee Structure

The break-up of the fee to be charged from the students is as follows:

Class 1st Installment
(at the time of admission)
2nd Installment
(1-10 december, 2019)
Total Amount
B.A. I Rs. 10000/- Rs. 10000/- Rs. 20000/-
B.Com. I Rs. 12500/- Rs. 12500/- Rs. 25000/-
B.Sc. I Rs. 12500/- Rs. 12500/- Rs. 25000/-
BCA I Rs. 14000/- Rs. 14000/- Rs. 28000/-
BBA I Rs. 14000/- Rs. 14000/- Rs. 28000/-

Rules for Deposting Fee

1) Students are required to deposit the fee in bank.

2) If dues are not paid on fixed date notified by the college, a fine of Rs 10/- per day will be charged. If the fee remains unpaid even till the last date of the same month, the student's name shall be struct off from the college rolls, Clearance of arears of fee and an additional fine Rs. 500/- will be required for re-admission. However re-admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right, The Principal reserves the right to refuse re-admission.

3) Even if a student isabsent or on a leave, he/she will have to make arrangement to deposit the fee on fixed date.

4) The fee once deposited cannot be refunded in any case.

5) The total fee is to be taken in two installments. First at the time of admission and second in the month of December.

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